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Male Infertility- Factor, Symptoms and causes

Infertility among men is as prevalent as infertility among women. For up to 1/3rd of the couples who experience infertility are affected. The excellent thing is that by either addressing the underlying condition or opting through fertility procedures, most cases of male infertility can indeed

Female Infertility- Factor, Symptoms and causes

PCOD Infertility might be attributable to the male, the female, or even a mixture of both. For 8-10% of women, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) plays a role in infertility, as the male partner can trigger infertility in 30% of cases and the condition is treatable.

Lifestyle related infertility

Whether by medications or lifestyle habits, infertility may not always be reversible. Infertility could be caused by genetic disorders, anatomical problems, sickness, and more. But the lifestyle decisions of a person may also induce infertility. Making wise, safe lifestyle decisions is important when seeking to